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*SmartChoice*ReadyStock GROPRO HERO 4, 3, 3+, SJ CAM Xiaoyi ROTARY CAR SUCTION HOLDER【G15】
Price RM3.99 RM15.00
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Portable and durable, easy to carry, lightweight
Using any rotating ball design, you can adjustable to the angle you like.
The bottom of the suction cup mini design, strong adhesive force
Short small portable, stationary after shaking, reliable and durable!
Down special low cost choice.
Suitable for GPS, navigation, driving fixed adsorption recorder, DC, DVR, sports DV, camera, and directional antenna (load lifting: 4KG routine use of hoists: 1.5KG), can absorb a hard desktop, glass, etc. smooth surface.
Freedom can be installed on a vehicle windshield or smooth surface, uniform universal connection interface size convenient and reliable.
Black body with a new ABS. Connection interface with POM materials, sucker PVC, the screws have been salt spray test 24 hours, sucker diameter 55mm

Material: PVC
Color: Black
Sucker diameter: 55mm

Installation instructions:
1 Remove the protective film sucker at the bottom;
2, the bracket toward the windshield suction cup firmly press the pressure valve, make sure the bracket is securely;
3, the mini-recorder mounted on the stand, adjust the locking knob;
4, by moving the tuning knob shaft joints properly adjusted suitable angle.

Removal instructions:
1, the pressure valve is pulled back along the direction of the head, the pressure valve will automatically pop up; pull easy to pull the edge of the suction cup, remove the bracket.

Package Includes:
1 x Mini Holder

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